Trials 2022

The Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Association supports a team to take part in international competition.  Our International Team consists of 12 members and 2 reserves.  Two places are awarded to the top two rods from the current year to fish in next year's international, the remaining ten places and two reserve places are contested by a series of competitive trials, held each year to determine the Irish international team for the following year.  The full trail rules are detailed in our constitution, available here, the basic requirements being:

  • The angler must be female.
  • Must have been born in Ireland or a citizen thereof or have resided therein for at least three years
  • The minimum age for a team member shall be 18 by the first day of the month of the International
  • Must be a current paid-up member of the Irish Ladies Flyfishing Association
  • Must have entered and paid the entry fee to take part in the trial before the appropriate closing date

 During 2022 there will be four trials to determine the team for 2023, with the best three results to count for each angler.  Usually one trial will be held in each province during the year.

 If you are an ILFA member results will be emailed to you by our ILFA Hon Secretary after each trial, or you can request a copy at [email protected].

 The first trial of 2022, to start the selection process for our international team for 2023, took place on Saturday 9th April 2022 on Annagh Lough, Butlersbridge, Co Cavan.  Full details and results are available here.

The second trial took place on Lough Corrib on Saturday 13th August 2022, further details and results available here.

The third trial of 2022 took place on Lough Sheelin, Finea, Co Westmeath on Sunday 18th September 2022, further details and results available here.

A 4th and final trial will take place on Holy Lake, Belturbet, Co Cavan on Saturday 12th November 2022, further details available here.

Following the 4th trial, the team places for 2023 will be allocated.  First, to the top two rods from the 2022 international (Ann Kerrin and Ruth Mettler).  The remaining 10 places on the team and the two reserve places will go to the anglers who have the highest number of trial points in their best 3 trials from the 4 trials which took place in 2022.  The current points position is available here