Constitution & Rules



Irish Ladies Flyfishing Association


 (Updated following AGM on 15th January 2022)

For ease of reference, the three sets of rules which govern the ILFA and which form part of the Constitution are now part of the Constitutional document under ‘Additional Rules’ (members EGM 2001)

 Main Constitution –Latest amendments accepted by members 15th January 2022

 1.    NAME.

The name of the Association (hereinafter called ‘The Association’) is:


The address for the time being shall be that of the honorary Secretary.

The aims of the Association shall be to promote and encourage fly-fishing among ladies and to select and govern the Irish Ladies International Flyfishing Team.  The views and opinions of individual members are not necessarily the views of the Association as a whole.

The annual general meeting (AGM) shall be held after the close of each angling season and in any case not later than the following January 31.  The business of the AGM shall be to inform members of the progress and business of the Association, to consider and adopt the reports and recommendations of the Committee and to elect new Committee Members.

Issues voted on at an AGM shall be carried by simple majority vote.

There shall be one category of membership i.e. “Member”.  There shall be an annual fee, which shall be proposed by the Committee each year and voted upon at the AGM.  New members to be nominated seconded and passed by the committee.

A woman must be 18 years old before her application for membership can be accepted.

However, it is at the discretion of the membership at an AGM to accept a proposal for an Honorary Membership for an individual. This membership should be for life unless otherwise requested by the recipient.  Nominations must be in writing, must state the reasons why the individual should receive this honour, must have the support of five members (all five members must sign the nomination) and must be with the committee as an item for the AGM agenda by the date announced by the committee

Notification of who is being proposed and why shall be sent out with the agenda of the AGM to the membership.

The management of the Association shall be by a Committee, which shall be composed of at least seven members, four of whom shall be officers.  Committee members shall serve for at least one year and may stand for re-election

Voting for officers and Committee members shall be by secret ballot.

In the event that an elected Committee member becomes unable to serve, the committee may co-opt a replacement to serve until the next committee elections fall due.

Committee members shall be prepared to travel to meetings at their own individual expense and shall be responsible for setting up and running all competitions, practice sessions and outings, for selecting the International team and for the general conduct of the business of the Association.

They shall ensure that Association members are kept fully informed of all such business.

Committee meetings shall be held as necessary with a minimum seven days advance notice and a pre advised agenda being the normal procedure.
Four members shall constitute a quorum of which two must be officers (one of which shall be the Chairman unless she has nominated in writing a substitute Chairman for that specific meeting only).

Four committee members shall be elected officers of the Association and their functions shall be

- Chairman
- Secretary
-Public Relations Officer
+ three ordinary members to represent the regions.

The positions shall be honorary save that the Committee may approve the payment of exceptional expenses in certain circumstances from Association funds.

6A The chairman shall be responsible for the smooth and efficient running of all Committee meetings and execution of the Association’s ongoing activities of a business nature.  The Chairman shall exercise a casting vote at Committee meetings.

6B The committee shall appoint a Manager as soon as possible after an International to manage the team of the following year.  The Manager shall be responsible for the organization and co-ordination of the team’s efforts, and in particular, shall be responsible for the team management, practice, and discipline.  The committee may appoint a Coach to assist the Manager.

In the event of a dispute, the matter may be referred by either party to the Committee, or a panel formed under the following directives:-

1) The Committee of the Association
2) A panel of five (5) formed by the committee to cover an event.

6C The Secretary shall be responsible for membership issues (other than financial aspects), correspondence, organizing meetings including Committee meetings, maintaining business records of the Association and minutes of meetings and related matters.

6D The Treasurer shall deal with Association moneys, report on these matters at Committee meetings and shall furnish a comprehensive Treasurer’s Report to the AGM at the end of each financial year which shall coincide with the date of the AGM.  The Treasurer shall monitor bank accounts and be a cheque signatory.  All disbursement of Association funds, shall to the extent practicable be with prior Committee approval and, in all cases, over two approved signatures.


Latest amendments accepted by members 15th Jan 2022

To represent Ireland a person shall be female, have been born in that country or be a citizen thereof or have resided there-in for at least three years. A woman qualifies to represent her country of choice if she has not fished for another country within the previous three years. If she has previously fished for another country, then she must be resident in her new country for at least three years.  Residency is defined as:

A     being registered on the electoral register

B     living in the said country for nine months of the year

Each case to be considered on its merits and that each case is brought before the International Committee and the person becomes eligible the following year.

A woman who has previously fished for another country and who would like to be considered to represent Ireland must let the committee know in writing by April 30th prior to that year’s International Committee Meeting

The minimum age for a team member shall be 18 by the first day of the month of the International.  See separate rules governing the league for the team selection.

The Captain for a particular year, shall be the lady who achieves the highest number of points from 3 out of the 4 trials used to select the team for that year, and who also has ‘International Experience’.
(‘International Experience’ being defined as ‘having been a full team member on at least one occasion from the previous three years’).

If two anglers tie for Captaincy then a tiebreaker comes into operation as follows:
  (i) The angler with the greatest number of fish gains the advantage and becomes Captain.
 (ii) If the positions are still tied then the angler who fished the most trials has the advantage and becomes Captain.
(iii) If positions are still tied then the Captaincy will be determined by tossing a coin with either, both anglers present, or a proxy for one or both of them.


8a   VICE CAPTAIN – added 23.4.05 following SGM

A Vice Captain shall be selected after the Captain has accepted her captaincy.  The Vice Captain shall be the next woman in the league who qualifies for captaincy, and who has qualified for the team.  Should the Captain have to stand down for any reason then the Vice Captain will automatically become Captain.   Her role as vice Captain will be to help the Captain throughout the year.

The Captain will liaise with the Committee and take guidance from the Committee on all matters pertaining to the team.

However if the woman who qualifies for Captaincy does not wish to accept the Captaincy Role, she may, if she so chooses, take the role of Vice Captain, but she does not qualify for captaincy if the Captain stands down.

Amendments or revision and/or substitution of subsequent constitution shall be voted on at an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) to be held immediately prior to the next scheduled AGM and shall require a two thirds majority vote of the members present, along with bona fide written proxies lodged with the Chairman, of members who cannot otherwise attend.

Proposals and suggestions for amendments and inclusions from members should be submitted to the Secretary in writing for consideration prior to the EGM.

This constitution and three further sets of rules, which are considered part of the Constitution, govern the ILFA:
   (1) “Rules of the ILFA' Nos. 1-9”
   (2) “The Team Selection Process”
   (3) “Trial rules”

These three sets of rules can only be altered at an EGM/SGM as described in No 9 of the Constitution and in No 4 & No5 of the Rules of the ILFA.

The current Constitution, with the date that members accepted amendments, should always be kept on file along with previous constitutions and details of the resolutions that were put to the membership.



Accepted by members July 1997

 (i)            The annual subscription shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer by 15 February.  Any member whose annual subscription, including any levies or fees, is unpaid at that date shall no longer be a member of the Association.

(ii)          The committee shall have the power to propose the amount of the annual subscription and to fix the amount of any other levies or fees which may be found necessary.

(iii)        The committee shall have the power to make and enforce Rules to regulate the affairs of the Association, with regard to all size limit on all fish taken and methods of fishing during Trials and Outings organised by the Association.

(iv)        A special General Meeting of the members of the Association may be called at any time by order of the Committee or shall be called on receipt of a requisition signed by at least (7) members of the Association. Such order or requisition shall set out, in the form of a proposal, the matter to be discussed and voted upon at such a Special General Meeting. The proposal is carried by a majority vote.

(v)          Members shall receive at least 21 days notice of an Annual General Meeting or of a Special General Meeting, including an Agenda.

(vi)        Any contingency or matter not covered by these rules may be dealt with on its merits by the Committee, for the better management of the Association.

(vii)      Any member, infringing any of the rules of the association becomes liable to expulsion from the Association.  The Committee shall have power to expel any member, who, in the opinion of the Committee, is guilty of objectionable or unsportsmanlike conduct or of bringing the I.L.F.A. into disrepute.

(viii)    An appeal from the decisions of the Committee as to the admission or expulsion of members must be received in writing by the Committee within 14 days of the decision taken.

(ix)        Acceptance of these rules shall be a precondition of membership of the Association.



Latest amendments accepted by members 15th Jan 2022

At the 1999 AGM the committee were given the mandate to put together a new team selection process.  After much debate the following was decided upon.  This must be reviewed at the end of every season.  Comments on this system and its implications will be gladly received by the Committee.

The top two rods at the previous international will be offered the first two places.

The remaining places will be determined by the trials.

There will be four trials in the fishing season.

Points will be awarded to each angler.  (Anglers with no fish will also be given 'appearance points).

Those anglers taking part in all trials will have their best three results taken into consideration in the final reckoning.

Details of the points awarded to each angler will be available after the first committee meeting following a trial.  All members will be informed of the running total that each angler has accrued when they are sent the application form for the next trial.

(i) Points will be awarded in descending order consecutively with highest points given to the heaviest bag

(ii) Two points will be awarded to anglers who take part but who fail to weigh in fish.

(iii) The maximum points awarded to those who catch fish will be 30 and the minimum 6. This allows for 24 anglers to take part in a trial.  If any of the trials attract more than 24 anglers then this maximum number of points will increase for all the trials as follows:


Number of anglers taking part

Maximum number of points to be awarded






(iv) If two anglers tie for either 1st place or 10th place (last place on the team) then a tiebreaker comes into operation as follows:

(a) The angler with the greatest number of fish from their best three trials gains the advantage

(b) If the positions are still tied then the angler who fished the most trials has the advantage

(c) If positions are still tied then placings are determined by tossing a coin with either, both anglers present, or a proxy for one or both of them.

(v) To qualify for a place on the team an angler must catch fish in at least one trial. Therefore she cannot be offered a place on 'appearance points' alone.

(vi) An angler who has her catch disqualified for any reason will still be awarded 'two appearance points'.

(vii) The results of the first trial of the league of a new season may be used to complete a team if the four trials from the previous year have not produced enough anglers with fish

The lady with the heaviest bag from that first trial who has not already qualified will be offered the next available place on the team and so on until all the places including substitute places are filled.

If it should happen that this does still not complete the team then those who refused their place should be approached again in the order that they originally finished in the league.


Accepted by members Jan 2020, amended 15 Jan 2022



A local rule may override any of these rules but it must be stated clearly which rule

Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing shall be carried out respecting the spirit and traditions of the sport.
  2. Any competitor found trolling flies, baits or lures, spinning or dapping will be disqualified.
  3. Boatmen will measure fish and both anglers will agree the fish length.
  4. Fish are measured from the top of the nose to the tip of the tail
  5. No proxy anglers allowed.
  6. Not more than 4 flies will be permitted and flies must be at least 20 inches apart. There are no other regulations regarding flies for ILFA trials except where mentioned in local rules.
  7. Fishing from the shore is not allowed.
  8. Competitors should not stand while fishing except when playing a fish, or to cast over rising fish at the back of the boat providing they make their intentions known to both the other angler and the boatman. Anglers and ghillie may stand to ‘stretch’ their legs after agreement by all in the boat.
  9. Competitors must have only one rod assembled (assembled means having a reel attached or having two or more sections mounted).
  10. Electronic fish finders may not be used and electric engines may not be used in conjunction with a petrol engine.
  11. No boat may fish within 60 yards of the boat in front or cut in on the drift of another.
  12. Boats, bags and gear may be inspected at any time.
  13. No lead core lines.
  14. Drogues may be used.
    1. It is compulsory that all competitors must wear a Certified Lifejacket of approved standard along with crotch strap (S.I. No. 586/2001 – Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) Regulations, 2001), when participating in all trials.  Eye protection and a hat must also be worn along with appropriate waterproofs.
    2. Late anglers will be disqualified.

Other Rules

  • The committee will not be responsible for accident or loss and all competitors fish at their own risk.
  • The committee reserves the absolute to right postpone, alter or cancel the trial in the event of weather being inclement or for any other reason. All entries are accepted expressly to this condition.
  • Any infringement of these rules automatically disqualifies the competitor.
  • The committee’s decision is final in all matters.
  • Boats, boatmen and competitor pairings shall be allocated by ballot to be carried out on the shore on the morning of the trial.
  • Points will be awarded as per the ILFA’s ‘Team Selection Process’. Equal points for tied weights will be awarded, (the highest placing point of the tie to all anglers tied). However if anglers tie for first place, then these anglers will receive the maximum no of points available but the angler with the greatest number of fish wins the prize for the trial. If first place is still tied the prize is decided by tossing a coin.
  • The existence of a dispute or complaint must be immediately intimated to the secretary (or any committee member in her absence). The trial result will be final on completion of the scoring.

Local Rules

 Venue:________________________________________________________  Date:__________

24)    Competition starts at ________ am and all anglers must be ready to leave the shore by then.

25)    Weigh in will begin at _______ pm  

26)    All fish must measure at least ________ inches (see rule 4 above).

27)    Local permit rule: