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2004 Fourth Trial Lough Mask

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Fourth trial held on Lough Mask September 25th 2004

Boatman Angler 1 Result
Angler 2 Result

Cyril Duddy

Edel Decies 1 for 32.5cm Margaret Rooney 1 for 32cm
Tom Conroy Moira Cosgrove 1 for 39cm Juliue McGeever 2 for 73
Ken O'Grady Ann Kerrin 0 Jill Kenny 0
Kevin Beatty Gwen O'Kelly 0 Sorcha Weld 0
Paul McHugh Betty Hayes 2 for 69cm    

This competition was fished Catch and Release.

1st: Julie McGeever 30 points.
2nd: Betty Hayes 29 points.
3rd: Moira Cosgrove 28 points.

4th: Edel Decies 27 points.
5th: Margaret Rooney 26 points.