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Lough Lene Trial 2012

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The first trial of 2012 was a fantastic day out.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and the 8 women who went fishing managed to catch a total of 44 fish despite the cold wind.

It was a pleasure to welcome Niamh Breen as the latest women to join the ILFA.  Niamh was out with Susan and managed to catch 2 fish on her first outing including one of 51 cms.  Well-done Niamh.

It was a great day as you can see from the results sheet - we also did a "Spots and Stripes" Cadburys event - the Stripes won despite Julie being on the Spots team

          1st    Julie Gerry             16 fish
          2nd   Linda Straghan       9 fish
          3rd   Mary Murphy           7 fish

The fish were really strong and fought extremely hard, many were overwintered and of 3lbs weight and more which made the fishing very exciting. 

We had loads of great home made cakes to eat afterwards all supplied by Jenny's mum.  A very big thank you to her for making them, they were delicious and very welcome after a hard days fishing.  To end a great day out we then retired to the pub in Castlepollard for hot food and cups of tea and a good chat.

Many thanks to Tom Fagan and Lough Lene Anglers for letting us fish their beautiful lake again; we always have a great day out on this very special lake.  Thanks also to all the boatmen for their expert advice and help during the day. 




Lene 2012 top 3 x

Lene 2012 Top 3

Lene 2012 mary niamh maddy steph

Lene 2012 Maddy back to front

Lene 2012 Group 3

Lene 2012 Group 2

Lene 2012 fish in net

Lene 2012 back to front