Here you will find reports and results on past International Matches and Trials.

2011 Photos

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Lough Lene 30 April 2011
lene april 2011
  2011 boatmen lene
2011 lene sb

Lake OFlynn, Co Roscommon  16 July 2011

top boatman

top angler - cropped

jennys mums cake

Lough Caragh, Co Kerry  September 2011

Caragh boats

cara boats out

cara mountain

caragh hazel

cara trees

cara corry

caragh seatrout

caragh st in measure

cara boats in1

cara boats in2

cara group

cara best bman

caragh jg and jc nice

Eskragh Lough - Saturday 1st October 2011

Eskragh 2011 ladies gp4

Eskragh 2011 mary and harry

Eskragh 2011 mary and fish

Eskragh 2011 scoreboard2

Eskragh 2011 whole group

Eskragh 2011 top boatman2

Eskragh 2011 top angler2

Eskragh 2011 fred2

Top Angler 2011 - Julie Gerry.  Presented with the lovely Ann Geary Perpetual Cup at the AGM in November 2011

top angler presentation 2011