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Lough Owel Social Outing Saturday 29th May

(May 29, 2010)
A social day out was held on 29th May on Lough Owel.   This was open to members, non members, their friends, husbands and partners. Many thanks to Jenny Casey for organising it!
A lovely day was enjoyed by all attending.
When I arrived at the lake I approached two ladies sitting in a car - thinking they were here to fish - only to find out they were there for their daily swim in the lake! 
The weather was kind and the water was crystal clear. Mayfly were hatching off along with olives and buzzers.  An extended lunchbreak admiring the lake was called for.   Octopus or yellow flies proved very successful in attracting the fish.   In the mid afternoon the fish went off for a wee snooze however all members had already caught fish.
Our boatman, was very knowledgeable about the life cycle of the mayflies - and their habits - and increased our enjoyment of the day
We then had a great meal in Mullingar afterwards in the Annebrook House Hotel just to wind down even further.
If any member would like to suggest a venue, please contact any committee member and we will get it circulated round the members. It would be great to organise another day out. 
 A social day is exactly what it says - laid back and a great way to fish new lakes or rivers

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